About Us

Mountain View Community is proudly owned and operated by Carroll County.   While many of New Hampshire’s other County Homes have chosen the more typical names such as Belknap County Home, Merrimack County Home etc…. a number of years ago the Residents of the then Carroll County Nursing Home decided a change was in order and voted to change the name of their home to Mountain View Community.      They realized that the name ‘Nursing Home’ was far too limiting and failed to take into account the connections they felt with Staff and Volunteers.   Mountain View is special for a number of reasons — not the least of which is our longstanding culture of Resident Independence!    We understand that because someone needs assistance that it is no reason to assume that they should not have a clear voice in what goes on and how it goes on.    Fundamentally our Resident is our Customer and deserves our respect in all ways and at all times.

We are located on the County Complex Campus and work closely with other Departments within the County – most especially the County Business and Finance Office, the Human Resources Department and the Department of Public Works.   The Mountain View Licensed Nursing Home Administrator reports to the County Administrator and through him to the Board of Commissioners.  

Our Mission is to serve the elders of Carroll County who are in need of our services and to that end we give preference to those applicants who have or who have had close connections to Carroll County.  

We are a New Hampshire Licensed Nursing Home that is dually certified to welcome Residents who require Skilled Nursing Care (also called Rehabilitation or Therapy) and Intermediate Care (also called ICF or Long Term Care).     By having our own Rehab/Therapy Department we are not only able to serve those who come to us for a short while and then return to their own home  — but we also serve our own long term care Residents who should they come to require therapy are able to receive it and their own home and do not need to be temporarily transferred to another facility.   

Payment for our services is provided by Medicaid, Medicare, various managed care companies, long term care insurance companies along with those who pay privately.    We are proud to say that subject only to a Resident making proper application to the state and receiving the needed approvals that effectively no Resident will ever ‘run out of money ‘ and be asked to leave for financial reasons.